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Tin Gun

Lots of things started in lockdown. Banana bread became a thing, Zoom became massive, everyone watched Bridgerton. Tin Gun got started.

More than the sum of its parts their manifesto is to get you back up and dancing again, to get back out into the clubs and venues and enjoy live music once again. Their songs tackle subjects like the dangers of social media, government repression and the malaises of today.

Tin Gun are :

Peter Steer – guitars, vocals, keys (Tenek / Sinestar / Agency V)

Tim Dorney – keyboards, bass, vocals (Flowered Up / Republica)

Mark Trueman – keyboards and vocals (Sinestar / Mesh)

Nik Hodges – drums and vocals (Psykelektric)

As you can see quite a history between them with a bit of pedigree. Primarily studio based (they have over 50 keyboards between them!) releases have been steadily coming out over the past couple of years. We Are Not Your Enemy and Social Revelation in 2020 followed by Devils & Angels and Reanimation EP in 2021.

As well as finishing an album scheduled for spring 2023 they’ve also been working on other projects including remixes for Agency V, Matt Gunn, The Frixion and The Rude Awakening, Tin Gun also have two cover versions being released late 2022, I feel you, a Depeche Mode song for an Andrew Fletcher tribute album 6122 and the Psychedelic Furs song Mr. Jones for a Furs based album of covers called Heartbreak Beat

Live they have so far played to much acclaim supporting the Tiny Magnetic Pets around the country, including the seminal Water Rats in London and they are planning many more gigs for 2023, including Minety Music Festival.

Live they’re an energetic mix of the electronics and guitars with everyone getting a go on the microphone (or vocoder).

Tin Gun
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